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The UN Study

on Violence against Children and 12 key recommendations

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The Study process has created high expectations, particularly among children, who wish to see it become a catalyst for real and lasting change. - Paulo Pinheiro


Violence against Children continues to be a global issue which not only requires attention but action!

Here are a few ways to get involved in follow up to the UN Study on Violence against Children:


Special Representative of the Secretary-General  on Violence Against Children (SRSG)

Marta Santos Pais was appointed as the SRSG on Violence Against Children in May 2009.

Reporting to the CRC on Violence Against Children

Download the guide here to report on violence against children to the CRC.

 Campaigns and Petitions


  • CRIN: Inhuman Sentencing Campaign *watch this space*


Past Campaigns and Petitions



Here are a few events happening now, but for a full list visit the CRIN Events page.

Council of Europe: International conference to promote strategic action to fight violence against children – 20-21 May

ILO:Global Child Labour Conference – 10-11 May
        Read the report Accelerating Action Against Child Labour

WHO: Violence Prevention Alliance Campaign


NGO Advisory Council

The role of the  NGO Advisory Council is support strong and effective follow-up to the Study. Its central role today is to work closely with the SRSG to ensure civil society participation in the follow up activities, including the full implementation of the UN Study's Recommendations.

The NGO Advisory Council has 9 international representatives and 9 regional representatives. There are currently two regions without a representatice:

  • Europe
  • South Asia

Contact the NGO Advisory Council  to find out how to nominate a Representative for your Region or email CRIN for further information.


Find out about organisations working on violence against children:

UN Agencies                                               Intergovernmental Agencies

UNICEF                                                          Council of Europe

OHCHR                                                          European Union Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA)

WHO                                                               OAS

ILO                                                                  Arab League