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Violence against children: International call for action

Signatures to date: 2158

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AN INTERNATIONAL CALL FOR ACTION TO END VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN: Establish a Special Representative to the UN Secretary-General on Violence against Children

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Call for Action in Español - Français - Arabic - Russian
Why we need an SRSG: English - Français - Español - Arabic

Violence is a daily reality for millions of children around the world, affecting girls and boys of all ages, all social contexts, and all nationalities. In every part of their lives —their homes and families, schools, institutions, workplaces and communities — children may be beaten, sexually assaulted, tortured, and even killed. The perpetrators of this violence are often the very individuals who are responsible for protecting children – their parents, guardians, teachers, employers, the police and security forces. Violence is a global epidemic of scandalous proportions, violating every child’s right to a safe and healthy environment.

The UN Secretary-General’s 2006 Study on Violence against Children exposes the shocking scope of violence against children and documents its devastating effects on children, their families, their communities, and broader society. The Study clearly establishes the urgent need for immediate action to prevent and respond to violence against children in all of its forms.

We, as local, national, regional, and international non-governmental organisations from every part of the world, call on each UN member state to fully implement the Study’s important recommendations.

Having carefully considered alternative ways of ensuring global leadership on this issue, we also call on member states to act at the 2007 UN General Assembly to establish a Special Representative to the Secretary-General on Violence against Children to work with the UN system, member states, NGOs, children and youth as a high-level and high-profile advocate to ensure concrete action to end violence against children in all parts of the world.

Organisations are invited to sign up to the statement below or by emailing us on: or

Sign the Petition - Signez la pétition - Firme la petitiòn

Signatures to date:

International NGOs

Association of Social Workers
Baha'i International Community
Business and Professional Women – International
Caritas Internationalis
Child Helpline International
Child Rights Information Network (CRIN)
Coalition Internationale pour un Tourisme Responsable et Respectueux
Coalition of African NGO working with Children (CANGOC)
Commonwealth Organisation for Social Work
Consortium for Street Children
Covenant House International Headquarters
Defence for Children International (DCI) - International Secretariat
Derechos Human Rights, USA-Argentina-Belgium
Eurochild AISBL
European Association for Children in Hospital, EACH
Girls Learn International, Inc.
Global AIDS Alliance
Human Rights Information and Documentation Center
Human Rights Watch
Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices
International Aid Network (IAN)
International Baby Food Action Network, IBFAN
International Bureau for Children's Rights, Canada
International Centre for street children and child trafficking studies, Gambia
International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI)
International Children's Center (ICC) Turkey
International Children's Trust
International Commission of Jurists, Kenya
International Coucil of Women-Conseil International des Femmes
International Council of Jewish Women
International Federation for Home Economics
International Federation of Social Workers
International federation of Tamils
International Federation of University Women
International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC), India
International Inner Wheel
International Movement of Catholic Students Asia Pacific
International Presentation Association Sisters of the Presentation, US
International Presentation Association, Australia
International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims, Denmark
International Save the Children Alliance
International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences
Intersect Worldwide
Justice Without Frontiers
Marcha Global contra el Trabajo Infantil
Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns
One! International Poverty Relief
Pan Pacific and South East Asia Women's Association (PPSEAWA)
Plan International
Rencontre Africaine pour la Défense des Droits de l'Homme (RADDHO)
Salesian Missions
Sidon Orphan Welfare Society
Sisters of the Good Sheperd
Soroptimist International
SOS-Kinderdorf International
Susila Dharma International Association
Terre des Hommes, International Federation
The African Child Policy Forum
The Asia Pacific Alliance for the implementation of the ICPD (APA/ICPD)
The Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW)
The European Children's Network (EURONET)
The European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC)
The International Council of Women
The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
The International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims
Union Internationale des Avocats / International Lawyer's Union
United Network of Young Peacebuilders
Visión Solidaria
Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children
Women's World Summit Foundation
World Alliance of YMCAs
World Health Organization
World Organization against Torture (OMCT)
World Vision International
Y's Men International, Switzerland
Zonta International

Independent Human Rights Institutions

Barneombudet, Ombudsman for Children - Norway
Children's Commissioner for Wales
Children’s Ombudsman for the city of Moscow, Russian Federation
Children's Rights Commissioner, Belgium – Flemish Section
Commisioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan
General delegate of the French Community of Belgium for children's rights
Greek Ombudsman - Department for Children's Rights
Kinderombudman - Children's Commissioner Netherlands
Ombudsman for Children and Youth, Province of Styria, Austria
Ombudsman for Children in Finland
Ombudsman for Children in Kemerovo region, Russian Federation
Ombudsman for Children of Izhevsk city, Russian Federation
Ombudsperson for Children, Austria
Office of The Ombudsman of Georgia, the Child’s Rights Center
Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People
The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People

National NGOs

"Respeta Mi" Foundation Against Child Sexual Abuse, Aruba
"Storehouse" Christian Church, Poland
80:20 Educating & Acting for a Better World, Ireland
A REDE da Cidadania, Brazil
Aawaaj, Nepal
ACA MALI (Association Conseil pour Action)
Academy for Educational Development, USA
ACRO Ghana
Action by Christians Against Torture, UK
Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture, ACAT - Canada
Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture, ACAT - Mexico
Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture, ACAT - Germany
Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture, ACAT - Switzerland
Action for Children and Youth Aotearoa Incorporated, New Zealand
Action for the Rights of Children (Japan)
Action Jeunesse et Environnement (AJE), Senegal
Action pour la Promotion des Droits de l'Enfant au Burkina Faso (APRODEB)
Action pour la protection des personnes vulnérables en afrique, DRC
Action pour le développement de bien être communautaire, DRC
Action pour le développement de l'enfant, DRC
Advocate & Trainers for Women's welfare Advancement and Rights ATWWAR, Ghana
African Network for the Protection and Prevetion of Child Abuse and Neglect - Kenya
African Network for the Protection and Prevetion of Child Abuse and Neglect - Malawi
African Network fro the prevention and protection against child abuse and neglect (ANPPCAN) Zambia Chapter Zambia
Afrikan Youth In Norway
Against Child Abuse Limited, Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China
Agenda Child Association
Agoro Community Development Association
Agro Sans Frontiere, France
Aguas Bravas Nicaragua
Aid The Children Network, Gambia
AIDS Committee of Newfoundland and Labrador
AJA Mali (Association Jeunesse Action)
Akademikerförbundet SSR
Al fanar Center for Children Studies & Development, Sudan
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, Gaza
Alba Menjivar (Private Social Work Practice)
Albanian Children's Human Rights Centre / Defence for Children International - Albania
Aldeas Infantiles SOS Dominican Republic
Aldeas Infantiles SOS España
Aldeas Infantiles SOS Uruguay
Aldeias de Crianças SOS Portugal
Aldeias Infantis SOS Brasil
Alianza para la Promoción agroecológica y servicios integrales en desarrollo, Bolivia
Alianza por la niñez colombiana
Alianza Por Tus Derechos, Costa Rica
Alliance for the Advancement of People's Rights, KARAPATAN, Philippines
Alternatives - Montréal, Canada
AMAPROS (Association Malienne pour la Promotion au Sahel)
American Association for Health Education - US
American Psychological Association
Amnesty International Canada
Amnesty International Turkey
Anapad, Cameroon
Antenna International
APC Nepal
Armenian International Women's Association, Armenia
Askios, India
Asociación Azul
Asociación CHICOS
Asociacion Chilena pro Naciones Unidas - ACHNU
Asociacion Comunal del Barrio de San Jacinto, El Salvador
Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes - YMCA
Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes Honduras
Asociacion de Mujeres Unidas para el desarollo sostenible, Bolivia
Asociacion Mexicana Pro-Niñez y Juventud,A.C.
Asociacion Muchachos de la Calle, Venezuela
Asociación Nacional de Centros - ANC
Asociación para los derechos de la Infancia, ADI, Argentina
Asociacion Peruana de Bioetica, Peru
Asociación Tarbiat para el Desarrollo Moral, Costa Rica
Asociacioón Chilena Pro Naciones Unidas(ACHNU)
Asociatia Linia Verde pentru Protectia Copilului - The Romanian Child Line
Associação Brasileira de Organizações Não Governamentais
Associação Nacional dos Centros de Defesa da Criança e do Adolescente, ANCED, Brazil
Association "Sauvons les Enfants Déshérités, ASED, Ghana
Association Béninoise d'Assistance à l'Enfant et à la Famille (ABAEF), Benin
Association Coeur Africain
Association de sauvegarde et promotion de l'enfance
Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives (AALI)
Association for alternative family care - FAMILIA, Serbia
Association for Children under the Same Roof
Association for the Protection of Children, Nepal
Association Ivoirienne des Droits de l'Enfant, Cote d'Ivoire
Association Jeunesse pour la paix et la Non violence/ Center de Rehabilitation des Victimes de la Torture( AJPNV/CRVT)
Association Nationale des Assistants de Service Social, France
Association of Children’s Ombudsmen in subjects of Russian Federation
Association of Electronic Educational Hub Nepal
Association of Human Rights and Torture Defenders, Cameroon
Association of Professors Emeriti - University of British Columbia
Association of social workers in Faroe Island
Association of Social Workers in Lithuania
Association of Social Workers in Northern Canada
Association of the Families of Saharawi Prisoners and Disappeard, Western Sahara
Association of Trained Social Workers, Portugal
Association Pomme Cannelle
Association pour les droits de l'homme et l'univers carcéral, Congo
Association Women for Contemporary Society
Au nom de l'enfance violée, France
Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC)
Australian Reproductive Health Alliance, Australia
Austrian Association of Social Workers (OBDS - Oesterreichischer Berufsverband der SozialarbeiterInnen), Austria
Avenir - Enfance - Sahel, Mali
AVIDOS, Brazil
Azerbaijan NGO Alliance for Children's Rights
Azerbaijan UK Alumni Association (AUKAA)
Ba Futuru
Bahrain Child Society
Balik Institute for Development & Research (BIDAR), Pakistan
Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR), Bangladesh
Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha (MASUM)
Banjul Youth Committee, The Gambia
Base Educativa y comunitaria de apoyo, BECA
Battered Women's Trust
BAYAN MUNA (People First), Philippines
Be-Free Center, Bahrain
Belarussian Assotiation of Social Workers, Belarus
Berlin Center for the Treatment of Torture Victims (bzfo)
Beyond Borders, Canada
Bhagni Nivedita Manchya (BNM)
Bhima Sangha, India
BICE Mali (Bureau International Cathilique de l'Enfance)
Bireysel Turkey
BONO Direct Aid Association
Breeze of hope organization, Iraq
BRIS (Children’s rights in society) Sweden
British Association of Social Workers
BSE Youth Council, UK
Bundaberg Women's Domestic Violence Service Inc, Australia
Bureau International Catholique de l'Enfance, France
BZN Atlas
Cagdas Gazeteciler Dernegi (Journalist Organization)
CAI Piña Palmera AC
Call of the Earth Llamado de la Tierra, New Zealand
Campaign Against Child Trafficking, Kerala, India
Canadian Association for Community Living, Canada
Canadian Association of Social Workers
Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children
Canadian Paediatric Society
Canica, A.C Centro De Apoyo Al Niño De La Calle De Oaxaca, A.C
Canterbury Nursery School, United Kingdom
Care 2, Brunei Darussalam
Cariboo Friendship Society, Canada
Carrefour de Développement (CD)
Carrefour d'Idées pour le Développement Intégral ( CIDI-RDC ), DRC
Carrefour Tiers Monde - Togo
Casa Alianza UK
Cátdra de la Paz Mons. Romero /Universidad de Los Andes
Catholic International Education Office, Belgium
CD Watch Cameroun
Cedeca Interlagos, Brazil
CENDHEC - Centro Dom Helder Câmara de Estudos e Ação Social
Center for Child Rights-Somalia (CCR)
Center For Environnemental and social developmental
Center for Family Ministries
Center for Innovations in Education - Azerbaijan
Center for Rehabilitation and Abolition of Torture - CRAT Cameroon
Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, SAMHSA, USA
Centre Action Social Réhabilitation et Réadaptation pour la victimes de la Torture et la victimes de Violence, SOHRAM-CASRA, Turkey
Centre de Formation et de Recherche en Animation Rurale (CFRAR), Cote d'Ivoire
Centre de formation fluminence football club, Cameroon
Centre des Droits de l'Homme et du droit humanitaire, DRC
Centre for Counselling and Development, Ghana
Centre for Early Childhood Development
Centre for Human Rights, Democracy & Transitional Justice Studies, DRC
Centre for Victims of Torture, CVIT, Nepal
Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare, Canada
Centro Acadêmico de Ciências Sociais - CEUPES, Brazil
Centro de Apoio a Vítimas de Tortura, CAVITOP, Portugal
Centro de Articulação de Populações Marginalizadas - CEAP, Brazil
Centro de Defesa da Criança e do Adolescente Casa Renascer, Brazil
Centro de Defesa dos Direitos da criança e do Adolescente- CEDECA, Brazil
Centro de Derechos Sociales de las Personas Migrantes CENDEROS
Centro de Direitos Humanos de Sapopemba - CDHS
Centro de Documentación en Derechos Humanos "Segundo Montes Mozo S.J." (CSMM),
centro de educação e cultura popular, Brazil
Centro de Estudios Sociales y Publicaciones - CESIP
Centro de estudios y acción para la paz, Peru
Centro Direitos Humanos do Alto Vale do Itajai - SC
Centro Interdisciplinario para el Desarrollo Social, Institución de Asistencia Privada (CIDES I.A.P.), Mexico
Chernihiv Public Committee for Human Rights Protection, Ukraine Argentina
Child Abuse and Neglect Unit ,Yekatit 12 Hospital, Ethiopia
Child and Youth Care Program, Canada
Child development center ''Occation''/NGO/
Child Protection Alliance - The Gambia
Child Research Action and Development Agency (CRADA Group), Ghana
Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN - Nepal)
Childhope Brazil
Childhope UK
Childline South Africa
ChildLine Trinidad and Tobago
Children - Not For Abuse, Belarus
Children & Youth Centre - CYC
Children and Youth in Development Organization(CYIDO), Sierra Leone
Children in Care Association
Children cultural centre Belgrade, Romania
Children from Saratov Children Ecological Theater CSEI, Russian Federation
Children in Need Network
Children Placement Support Centre, Russian Federation
Children's Fund of the Slovak Republic (DCI-Slovak Section)
Children's Hospital, Canada
Children's Institute
Children's Rehabilitation Center, Philippines
Children's Rights Alliance - Republic of Ireland
Children's Rights Alliance for England
Children's Rights Centre
Children's Rights Centre Canada
Children's Rights Project, Community Law Centre
Children's Welfare Denmark
China Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
Christian Children's Fund, Sri Lanka
Christian Children's Fund, United States
Christian Social Uplift Organisation, Pakistan
Churches' Network for Non-violence
CIMC-Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee, Papua New Guinea
Ciudadanos en Apoyo a los Derechos Humanos, A.C.
Civil Right Protection Center Nepal
Coalition des ONG pour la lutte contre la traite des enfants, Guinea
Coalition des ONGs Africaines en Faveur des Enfants (CONAFE)
Coalition malienne des droits de l’enfant (COMADE), Mali
Coalition Nationale des Associations et ONGs en Faveur des Enfants (CONAFE-MALI)
Coaltion Nationale des Associations et ONG en Faveur de l'Enfant (CONAFE Sénégal)
Colectivo de Derechos de Infancia y Adolescencia, Argentina
Collectif des Organisations des Jeunes Solidaires du Congo - Kinshasa ( COJESKI-RDC )
collectif pour la paix au niger
Collectif pour le developpement et la sauvegarde des droits de la personne humaine, CDDH asbl/GOMA-RDC
Comité de los Derechos del Niño Uruguay
Comité de lutte contre la barbarie et l'arbitraire
Comité Guinéen de Suivi pour la Protection des Droits de l'Enfant, Guinea
Comitê Nacional de Enfrentamento à Violência Sexual contra Crianças e Adolescentes, Brazil
Comité National de Protection et de Défense des Droits des Enfants (CONAPRODE)
Community Development Foundation
Community & Crime Research Foundation
Concerned Educators Allied for a Safe Environment (CEASE), United States
Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd
Congregation of the Mission, Italy
Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame
Consejo de los derechos de niños, niñas y adolescentes, Argentina
Consejo Nacional para la Niñez y la Adolescencia (CONANI), Dominican Republic
Consuelo Foundation
Coordinadora de Organizaciones Sociales para la Defensa de la Niñez y la Adolescencia (COSECODENI)
Coordinadora Institucional para la promoción de los Derechos del Niño
Coordinadora por los Derechos de la Infancia y la Adolescencia (CDIA)
Coordinating Council for Human Rights in Bangladesh-CCHRB
Coordination des ONG pour les droits de l'enfant (CODE)
Corporación Jecano, ciudadanía para la paz, Colombia
Corporacion Partenon, Colombia
CRCEMC and GTM, France - Anouk Guine -
Creas, Holy See
Crisis centre for women "Priyut" (Shelter), Russian Federation
Croatian association of social workers, Croatia
CWMG Foundation
Dalit Solidarity Network
Defence des Enfants International, DEI - France
Defence des Enfants International, DEI - Niger
Defence for Children International - Australia
Defence for Children International - Canada
Defence for Children International - Czech section
Defence for Children International (DCI), Nigeria Section
Defence for Children International, Belgium
Defence for Children International, Ghana Section
Defence for Children International, Israel Section
Defence for Children International, Lebanon
Defence for Children International, Netherlands
Defence for Children International, Palestine Section
Defence for Children International, Sierra Leone
Defence for Children International, Sri Lanka
Defence for Children International, Togo
Defence for Children International, Uganda Section
Defensa de los Niños International, DNI Seccion Argentina
Defensa de los Niños International, DNI Seccion Ecuador
Defensa de Niñas y Niños - Internacional, DNI Americas
Defensa de Niñas y Niños Internacional, Chile
Défense des enfants - International, Benin
Defensores PROCDN
Democracia Familiar y Social A.C.
Democracy School, Yemen
Denver Academy of Court Reporting
Department for Child Protection, Australia
Développement sans frontière, Cameroon
Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Ireland
Duncan Lewis & Co Solicitors
Eastern Access community health, Australia
Eaves Housing for Women
ECPAT - (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes), Norway
ECPAT - Cambodia
ECPAT Australia (Child Wise)
ECPAT Belgium
ECPAT Foundation Thailand
ECPAT Indonesia (National coalition for elimination of CSEC)
ECPAT Sweden
Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace, Philippines
Educational Change and Inclusion Consultancy Ltd, UK
Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey, TEGV
Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, Egypt
Egyptian Association for Economic and Sociality Rights
Emancipation Foundation For Empowerment, Cameroon
EMIDA, pour l'Education dans la Famille, Cameroon
Emusoi Centre for Pastoralist Girls, Tanzania
Ethiopian Human Rights Council
Evergreen Club of Ghana (ECOG)
Expertcentre Prostitution of Minors, The Netherlands
Eye of the Child Malawi
F2F - The Association 2 Parents, Norway
F2F Adults for Children, Norway
Fahamu, UK
Family Violence Prevention Fund, USA
Family Violence Program
Fellesorganisasjonen (FO), Norway
First Call BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition, Canada
First Children's Embassy in the World MEGJASHI
First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada
Flohmarkt für Hilfsprojekte, Switzerland
Foro Juvenil - Programa El Faro
Fórum Estadual de Defesa dos Direitos da Criança e do Adolescente, Brazil
Forum for Child Rights India
Fórum Municipal de Defesa dos Direitos da Criança e do Adolescente de Caçapava - SP
Fórum Nacional de Defesa da Criança e Adolescente, Brazil
Foundation for Human Rights Initiative, Uganda
Foundation of Social Initiatives Development “New Perspectives Foundation”, Russian Federation
Franciscans International
Fundação Abrinq, Brazil
Fundação Nosso Lar, Brazil
Fundacion Accionar
Fundación AVINA
Fundación Comunitaria Morelense I.A.P.
Fundacion de Apoyo Familiar (FUNDAFAM)
Fundacion educadora Caminos Abiertos
Fundación Educativa Semillas de Paz, Colombia
Fundación Junto Con Las Niñas y los Niños (JUCONI), Mexico
Fundación Oxígeno, Venezuela
Fundacion PANIAMOR
Fundacion Papiamente Aruba
Fundación para el Desarrollo de los Estudios Cognitivos, FUNDEC, Brazil
Fundacion Telefon pa Hubentud Aruba
Fundacja Pomocy Rodzinie "Człowiek w Potrzebie", Poland
GEID, Grupo Espírita Irmão Demetrius
GEMS'65 H.E.L.P. Inc.
Gender-Development Rsearch & Studies Centre, Yemen
German Association of Social Workers DBSH, Germany
Get Connected, UK
Ghana Association of Social Workers, Ghana
Global Human Rights Defence, The Netherlands
Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children
Global Welfare Association (GLOWA) Cameroon
Global... Infancia Paraguay
Graines, Senegal
Groupement d aide au developpement en faveur des jeunes et des enfants, Guinea
Gurises Unidos Uruguay
Habi Centre for Environmental rights
Hastings Women and Children's Refuge
Hatemalo Youth Group, Nepal
Health Rights Advocacy Forum
Health Unlimited Guatemala
Healthy Beginnings, Canada
Helpline-Connection 801 801 1177
Home education UK
Hope Worldwide - Pakistan
Hotline against child abuse images on the Internet, Netherlands
Hotline Human Rights Bangladesh
Hull children's fund, UK
Human Development Initiatives Nigeria
Human Rights Agenda Association
Human Rights Association (İHD), Turkey
Human Rights Centre, United Kingdom
Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM), Bangladesh
Human Rights Defenders Task Force Committee -Tamilnadu & Pondicherry
Human Rights Law Resource Centre, Australia / MERS
Icelandic Association of Social Workers, Iceland
IELSUR Instituto de Estudios Legales y Sociales del Uruguay
Ilocos Human Rights Advocates-KARAPATAN, Philippines
Inclusion Ireland
Independent Medico-Legal Unit (IMLU), Kenya
Indian Committee of Youth Organizations (ICYO), India
Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), Nepal
International Presentation Association, Zambia
Institute for the Study of Psychsocial Trauma, Palo Alto, CA, US
Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands
Instituto de Apoio á Criança Portugal
Instituto Mexicano del Edificio Inteligente, A.C
Instituto Peruano de Investigacion de Familia y Poblacion
Instituto Pro Bono, Brazil
Instituto Recriando
Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center, USA
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility's Human Rights Working Group
Iraqi Centre for Human Rights Studies, Iraq
Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed
Israel Anthropological Society
Israel Association of Social Workers
Jananeethy Institute, India
Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) International, Italy
Jeunesse Horizon
Jeunesse pour l'union africaine, Cameroon
Jigsaw Family Services
Johannesburg Child Welfare Society
Jordan River Foundation, Jordan
Judicial Association of Ukraine "Foundation for Fair Justice", Ukraine
Justice and Peace Commision, Archdiocese of México
Justice and Peace Office-Order of Friars Minor, Southern Philippines
Juventudes Socialistas de España (JSE)
KAFA (enough) Violence & exploittation, Lebanon
Kali Advocacy Project
Karapatan-Central Visayas, The Philippines
Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children (KAACR)
Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture-KRC, Lebanon
Kinder - und Jugendanwaltschaft Tirol, Austria
Kindernothilfe, Germany
Kinderrechtencoalitie Vlaanderen - Flemish Children's Rights NGO-coalition
Kinections, Australia
KiwiCan Trust NZ
Kyrgyz Committee for Human Rights
La Jugarreta Espacios de Participación, AC
La Samaritaine - Guinea
La Veuve et l'Orphelin Association Internationale, Niger
Land Center for Human Rights, Egypt
Lawyers Organization for Rights & Development-LORD, Bangladesh
Le Groupe d'Etudes et de Recherches sur l'Enfant et les Espaces de Vie
Lebanese Center for Civic Education
Legal Aid Society, Uzbekistan
Legal and Human Rights Centre, Republic of Tanzania
Ligue camerounaise des droits humains
Lithuanian Association of Social workers, Lithuania
Live Alive Foundation
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights, Austria
Lumière d'espoir, France
Luta Pela Paz
Maderas Del Pueblo Del Sureste, AC
Maharat Foundation
Makerere University, Kampala
Mali-Enjeu, Mali
Maltese Asssociation of Social Workers, Malta
Manitoba Association of Social Workers, Canada
Maori Business, Victoria Management School, New Zealand
Maori Women's Welfare League/Te Peka o Wairarapa, O Te Roopu Wahine Maori Toko I Te OPra, New Zealand
Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Rights, Greece
Mastaliste, Children and Youth Centre from Zrenjanin, Serbia
Medical Rehabilitation Center For Torture Victims, Greece
Mehran Economic Welfare Organization (MEWO)
Mental Disability Advocacy Center, Hungary
Mesa 15, Dominican Republic
Metal against child abuse and prostitution, Germany
Mexican Association for Sexlity Education Mexico
Mkombozi Centre for Street Children, Tanzania
Mother teresa Amelioration Service Society MASS
Mouvement international des jeunes pour les grands lacs, DRC
Mouvement Ivoirien des Droits Humains M.I.D.H., Cote d'Ivoire
Movimiento Mundial por la Infancia, Capitulo America Latina y El Caribe Panama
MSA Society - Think Without Borders, India
Mundo Curioso, Venezuela
Municipality of kherbet-shar/akkar/north lebanon
Murmannsk Regional Charitable Fund "New Beginning", Russian Federation
Myochikai (Arigatou Foundation)
National Association of Community Legal Centres, Australia
National Centre for the Prevention of Violence, ANNA, Russian Federation
National Children's & Youth Law Centre, Australia
National Coalition for the Implementation of the CRC in Austria
National Collective Independent Women's Refuges
National Council for Single Mothers and Their Children
National Indian Child Welfare Association
National Youth in Care Network, Canada
Neglected Children Society - ECPAT Bulgaria Affiliate Group
Nepal Bar Association, Nepal
Nepal Development Advisory Council
Netherlands Youth Institute
Network for Justice and Democracy, Nigeria
Network of Asia Pacific Youth
New Brunswick Association of Social Workers, Canada
New Plymouth District Council, New Zeland
NGO Equilibrium
NGO support to prisoners, Côte d'Ivoire
No To Violence Male Family Violence Prevention Association, Australia
Nobody`s Children Foundation, Poland
Non-government organization M'ART, Ukraine
Norwegian Peoples Aid, Norway
Norwegian Red Cross, Norway
Norwegian Union of Social Educators and Social Workers
NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) United Kingdom
NZAAHD New Zealand
Observatorio sobre Infancia Universidad Nacional de Colombia
ONG Aide aux Enfants Demunis de Tombouctou (AEDT)
Organisation Contre la Pauvreté OCP
Organisation Contre la Pauvreté OCP au Niger
Organización Internacional para las Migraciones (OIM)
Organizacyjne Pomocy Społecznej OPS, Poland
Otautahi Women's Refuge
Oulu Reception Centre
Pakistan Rural Workers Social Welfare Organisation
Palestinian child arts centre PCAC
Panay Alliance, Philippines
Pan-Ukrainian network against CSEC, Ukraine
Parenting Today, Canada
Parlement Africain des Jeunes Mali (PAJM)
Partnere për Fëmijët
PATAN Community Based Rehabilitation Organisation, Nepal
PaxChristi Uvira asbl, DRC
Penal Reform International, Jordan
Penticton & District Community Resources Society, Canada
People Like Us (PLUS) Kolkata, India
People's Watch, India
Perhaps Kids Meeting Kids Can Make A Difference, USA
Permanent Peace Movement, Lebanon
Persons Against Ritual Abuse-Torture
Physical Disability Council of Australia Ltd
Pikin-to-Pikin Movement, Sierra Leone
Plan International - West Africa Regional Office
Plan International Albania
Plan International Bangladesh
Plan International Belgium
Plan International Benin
Plan International Burkina Faso
Plan International Cambodia
Plan International Dominican Republic
Plan International Colombia
Plan International Ecuador
Plan International Egypt
Plan International El Salvador
Plan International Finland
Plan International Honduras
Plan International India
Plan International Ireland
Plan International Japan
Plan International Kenya
Plan International Mali
Plan International Niger
Plan International Norway
Plan International Panama
Plan International Peru
Plan International Philippines
Plan International Senegal
Plan International Spain
Plan International Sri Lanka
Plan International Sudan
Plan International Sweden
Plan International Tanzania
Plan International Thailand
Plan International Uganda
Plan International United Kingdom
Plan International Zambia
Plan International Zimbabwe
Plataforma de Organizaciones de Infancia (Spanish Child Rights Coalition)
Posada de Belen
Prisoner's Rehabilitation and Welfare Action (PRAWA), Nigeria
Profit for the World's Children, Netherlands
Projeto Proteger, Brazil
Promundo, Brazil
Public Centre for Legal and Judicial Reforms, Russian Federation
Public Health and Medicine Development Fund of Georgia (PHMDF), Georgia
Public Interest Law Clearing House (Vic) Incorporated, Australia
Puc Minas, Brazil
Qendra "Fëmijët Sot" (Center "Children Today"), Albania
RAAK - The Netherlands
Raising Voices
Rassemblement de la Jeunesse Estudiantine Protestante à l'Action (RAJEPRA)
Realharun Society
Red Cross Center for victims of torture, Uppsala, Sweden
Red de ONGs Infancia y Juventud, Chile
Red Nacional de ONGs de Infancia y Juventud
Red Para La Infancia y la Adolescencia
Red por los Derechos de la Infancia en Mexico
Rede da Criança, Mozambique
Refugee Council of Australia
Regard, Togo
Regional Resource Centre for the Prevention of Violence
Regional Public Organisation for families with many children and people with disabilities "Raduga" RF
Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Torture "EMPATHY", Georgia
Rencontre pour la Paix et les Droits de l'Homme (RPDH), DRC
Reseau de lutte contre la traite des enfants au Togo
Reseau ivoirien des communicateurs amis des enfants, Cote d'Ivoire
Resource Link Foundation
Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect South Africa
Restart Center for rehabilitation of victims of violence and torture
RHEA, Georgia
RIC-Horsens, Denmark
Rights Management, India
Ririki Intervención Social
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Rudo Kubatana Association for PLWHAs, Mozambique
Rural Educational Development & Welfare Organization
Rural Uplift Centre
Russian charity foundation "Women and Children First"
Sabou Guinée
Salinlahi alliance for childrens concerns, Philippines
Sangath, India
Sasvika Sangatan, India
Save Congo, DRC
Save the Children (Salvati Copiii), Romania
Save the Children Brussels
Save the Children Dominican Republic
Save the Children en Peru
Save the Children Finland
Save the Children Guatemala
Save the Children Honduras
Save The Children in Argentina
Save the Children in Papua New Guinea
Save the children in Zimbabwe
Save the Children Italy
Save the Children Japan
Save the Children México
Save the Children New Zealand
Save the Children Norway (Redd Barna)
Save the Children Norway in Russia
Save the Children- Programa en Colombia
Save the Children Sweden
Save the Children Sweden Regional Office for South and Central Asia
Save the Children Sweden, Latin America and Caribbean
Save the Children UK
Save the Children UK, Mongolia Programme
Save the Children UK, Montenegro Programme
Save The Children Youth / Red Barnet Ungdom , Denmark
Save the Children Youth Norway, Press
Save the Children Youth Sweden
Save the Children, Bal Raksha Bharat, Indonesia
School Sisters of Notre Dame
Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha, Brazil
Services familiaux et communautaires
Servicios y Acciones por la Infancia - Programa ARCOIRIS
Seto Gurans National Child Development Services, Nepal
Seventh Day Adventist Church, Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada
Social Harmoy and Development Organization, SHADO, Pakistan
Socialist Party Netherlands
Sociedade Paraense de Defesa do Direitos Humanos, Brazil
Society for Humanitarian Research, Azerbaijan
Society for People's Awareness, SPAN India
Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child SPARC, Pakistan
Society of Prevention and Rehabilitation for child abuse, CIKORED, Turkey
Solidarité avec les Victimes et pour la Paix(SOVIP), DRC
Solidarity Incorporated, Liberia
SOS Aldeas Infantiles Colombia
SOS Aldeas Infantiles Venezuela
SOS Children's Village RO CEE/CIS/Baltics
SOS Children's Villages Albania
SOS Children's villages Assotiation of Lithuania
SOS Children's villages Bangladesh
SOS Children's Villages Cyprus
SOS Children's Village Serbia
SOS Children's Villages Bosnia and Herzegovina
SOS Jeunesse et enfance en detresse – SOS JED
SOS Children's villages Croatia
SOS Children's Villages Gaza
SOS Children's villages Hungary - SOS Gyermekfalu Magyarországi Alapítványa
SOS Children's villages Kyrgyzstan
SOS Children's villages Turkey - SOS Cocukkoyu Dernegi
SOS Children's Villages, Tunisia - Atfal Tounes
SOS Jeunesse Et Enfance En Detresse - SOS JED
SOS Mineurs en prision/Espoir sans frontieres, Guinea
SOS Telephone for Women and Children Victims of Violence, Serbia
SOS-Children's villages, Russian Federation
SOS-Kinderdoerfer weltweit, Germany
Sosyal Sorumluluk Dernegi
South Auckland Family Refuge Inc
Southern Blue Skies Organization, Inc., Philippines
Special center of the children' s education and training
St Nicholas Church, UK
StandUp For Kids, United States
Støttesenter Mot Incest, Norway
Student of Dalhousie School of Social Work, Canada
Sub-Saharan Centre - Sudan
Sudhaar, Pakistan
SUMBI Servicios Educativos y Propuesta Social
Syrian Women Observatory
Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, Taiwan
TDH Canada Inc.
Te Kahui Atawhai O Te Motu National Collective Iwi Maori Social Services Aotearoa, NZ
Te Korowai Aroha o Aotearoa
Te Rau Aroha Ltd, New Zealand
Te Tiriti O Waitangi Group-Sisters of Mercy, New Zealand
Te Whare Rokiroki
Terre des Hommes – Switzerland
Terre des Hommes Germany
Terre des Hommes Italy
Terre des hommes-aide à l'enfance
Texas A&M University, United States
The Art of Giving, Austria
The Canadian Treatment Action Council (CTAC)
The Children's Foundation, Canada
The Citizenship Foundation, UK
The College of Saint Scholastica
The Concerned for Working Children, India
The CRADLE - The Children's Foundation, Kenya
The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement, Egypt
The Egyptian Centre for the Rights of the Child (ECRC)
The Foundation “TOGETHER”- Regional Centre for the Psychosocial Well-being of Children, Slovenia
The Grail, Netherlands
The Grail, USA
The ISIS Foundation, Nepal
The Mongolian Tourism Association NGO
The National Youth Agency, UK
The Non-organization of The Rainbow Family of Living Light
The Norwegian Children and Youth Council (LNU), Norway
The Princessc center for the protection of girls and young women's rights
The Refugee therapy Centre
The Salvation Army Wiseman Center, Canada
The Smile of the Child
The Gambia YMCAs
The Zone, UK
Tofulty Foundation
Torbay Young Carers Service, UK
Torture Prevention Center India Trust, India
Toward Civil Spsiety Center, Azerbaijan
Trabajo Social Malaga, Spain
Tran-Sitions Counselling & Consulting Services
Triangle UK
Tulir - Centre for the Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse, India
Turkey Youth Union Association
Turkish Environmental & Woodlands Protection Society
Tweed Shire Women's Service, Australia
Uchral niigemleg, Mongolia
Uganda Children’s Network
Umtata Child Abuse Resource Centre (UCARC)
UNANIMA International
UNESCO Chair for Human Rights - Universite de Lubumbashi, DRC
UNICEF Australia
UNICEF Belgium
UNICEF The Netherlands
United Network of Youth Peacebuilders, Netherlands
United Non Government Social Work And Care Initiative
University College Dublin Ireland
Univeristy of Teesside, United Kinddom 
University of Manitoba Nursing Students Association
Van University Student Association
Vancouver community mental health, Canada
Verein Projekt Integrationshaus
Victor Valley College Model United Nations
Victoria University, Wellington
Village Focus International, Lao People's Democratic Republic
Violence against Women 365 International Poster Exhibition Ireland
Vision Mundial de Mexico
Vivre, France
Wairarapa Family Safety Team
WANASO (Reseau Ouest Africain des ONGs d'Action contre le SIDA)
Wellington Refugees as Survivors Trust
Welt der Kinder / A Childs World, Austria
Wesley Community Action
West Coast Women's Refuge
West region child and family services, Canada
Wildwasser Frauenladen Berlin, Germany
Women and Society association, Egypt
Women Supportive and Improvement Organisation(WSIO).
Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA)
Women's Alliance, Russian Federation
Women’s Petition Committee, Bahrain
Women's UN Report Network
World Alliance of Breastfeeding Action (WABA) Malaysia
World Association of Girl Guides and girl Scouts, WAGGGS Antigua and Barbuda
World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, WAGGS France
World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, WAGGS Kenya
World Peace Forum, Pakistan
World Population Foundation
World Vision - European Union Liaison Office
World Vision - Middle East Eastern Europe Regional Office
World Vision Australia
World Vision Cambodia
World Vision Canada
World Vision Chile
World Vision Costa Rica
World Vision Democratic Republic of the Congo
World Vision Finland
World Vision Georgia
World Vision India
World Vision Japan
World Vision Lao People's Republic
World Vision New Zealand
World Vision Partnership
World Vision Peru
World Vision Philippines
World Vision South Africa
World Vision Spain, Fundacion World Vision International
World Vision Timor Leste
World Vision UK
YildizTog Turkey
YMCA @ Lynfield, New Zealand
YMCA Trinidad and Tobago
YMCA New Zealand
Young volunteers’ group for childhood in Congo (YVGCC)
Youth Development Fouindation, Ghana
Youth for Human Rights International, Nigeria
Youthlaw (Young People's Legal Rights Centre inc), Australia
Y's Men International, SMIT District Governor, Singapore
Zambia Civic Education Association
ZigZag Young Women's Resource Centre Inc. Australia



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