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The UN Study

on Violence against Children and 12 key recommendations

Legal Database

Searchable database of laws related to children’s rights.

Read the Child Friendly Version of the UN Study and learning activities. Then take the Quiz!

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 Click help to find a helpline especially for kids. Through the helpline you can find someone to talk to about problems at school, in your community, or at home.

What's happening now?


Follow Along 
Youth led organisations around the world are using social media such as Taking It Global, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, just to name a few. Here are some groups to check out

Youth Led Organisations

Elaan: Combat Child Sex Abuse

Network Movement For Youth And Children Welfare-Sierra Leone
CRIN Members

For parents, teachers, and children
Parenting in Contemporary Europe: A positive approach
Adults and Children Together (ACT)
Plan: Violence Against Children
SKIP: Strategies with Kids - Information for Parents
The Center for Effective Discipline



Child Participation 

A key feature of the UN Study on Violence Against Children was child participation.  

Paulo Pinheiro included children in every regional meeting during the UN Study.

Find out what happened at the 9 regional meetings

Caribbean: Children's Forum Report and Declaration

South Asia: Take a look at the events and who participated

West and Central Africa: Children's recommendations

North America: Children's Statement

Latin America: Take a look at the discussions

East Asia and Pacific: See the opening address by young delegates and their keynote address

Middle East and North Africa: Pinheiro’s Q&A with child participants and their declaration

Europe and Central Asia: See the Q&A session with Pinheiro and look at what young delegates asked their government’s

East and Southern Africa: See what Pinheiro talked about with children and what happened at the Children's Forum

See what happened at the New York launch of the UN Study in May 2006 [Day 1] [Day 2] [Day 3] and Español [Day 2]


CRIN interviews young participants
Alaa, Yemen [en]
Martin, Slovenia [en]
Mamadou, Senegal [en] [fr]
Cinthia, Nicaragua [en] [es]
Congcong, China [en]