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What do you think ASEAN's Human Rights Declaration can add to the CRC?

Southeast Asia's regional human rights body - the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) - recently announced that it has drafted the region's first human rights document - the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration.

However, the much-criticised body has refused to make the draft declaration public. Instead, it has released its "key elements" which worryingly suggest that the declaration’s provisions fall short of international human rights standards to which all ASEAN states are party. Among other aspects of the declaration, it insists on prioritising national and regional peculiarities over universal values, as well as the possibility of limiting human rights for the purpose of national security or public morality.

In light of AICHR’s failure to hold a formal consultation process, CRIN and Child Rights Coalition Asia (CRC Asia) are inviting children's rights advocates and children themselves to tell us what you think the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration can add to the CRC.

Contributions will be compiled and presented to AICHR. The final text is due to be adopted in November 2012.

Started by CRIN on Tue 17 Jul 12 10:03

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muhammad jailani Tue 7 Aug 12 13:34Comment

The principle of transparancy should be main principle on AHRD. Moreover, ASEAN charter has guaranteed people oriented to enhance ASEAN vision. Therefore, the child rights advocate and CRC committee should ensure the AICHR and head of ASEAN member states to be more open on the process of finalization the AHRD.

ryan silverio Thu 9 Aug 12 12:35Comment

The right of children to be heard in decision-making process at all levels and in all circumstances should be guaranteed. In this case, the drafting and adoption of the ASEAN HR Declaration need to involve children meaningfully in related processes.

magcrp Fri 10 Aug 12 08:24Comment

In this case, the drafting and adoption of ASEAN HR Declaration, country representative/s and child rights groups must ensure that children are involve in related processes. Consultations with children's groups in the country level down to the local communities should be made for them to understand and share their views on the importance and relevance of the AHRD to the CRC.

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