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New Year quiz special

1. How were the Guidelines on the Alternative Care of Children received by the UN General Assembly?

A: They were 'adopted' by the Assembly
B: They were 'welcomed' by the Assembly
C: They were 'warmly embraced' by the Assembly

2. In August, what prompted a US newspaper to accuse the UN of "advocating teaching masturbation to five year olds"?

A: The appointment of a leftwing deputy director of UNICEF
B: The decision by the US government to give poor children free healthcare
C: UNESCO's International Guidelines on Sexuality Education

3. What major new resource did CRIN launch in October?

A: A web-based toolkit on non-discrimination
B: An e-newsletter containing news about child rights, called a 'CRINMAIL'
C: A map of children's rights violations

4. What major new UN child rights appointment was announced this year?

A: A Special Representative to the Secretary General on Violence Against Children
B: An Under Secretary to the Secondary Secretary General on Children and Discrimination
C: A Vice Presidential Under Special Representative to the Assistant Supreme Secretary Leader General on Children and Sport

5. What was the name of the campaign CRIN launched in August on transparency and scrutiny in child rights appointments?

A: The Future of Children's Rights: In whose hands?
B: The Future of Children's Rights: On remand?
C: The Future of Children's Rights: Under whose command?

6. What momentous anniversary was celebrated in November?

A: The 10th anniversary of the Committee on the Rights of the Child
B: The 40th anniverary of the United Nations
C: The 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

7. In July, which key European child rights network sadly folded?


8. On what subjects did the Committee on the Rights of the Child publish two General Comments in 2009?

A: Child protection, and child health
B: Advocacy for child rights, and sex education
C: Indigenous children, and participation

9. What was the point of a UN Working Group meeting which convened in Geneva on 16 December?

A: To talk about the establishment of a communciations procedure under the CRC
B: To discuss how to raise the Israel/Palestine question more often at the Human Rights Council
C: To work out how to encourage more dialogue at the United Nations

10. According to Laura Theytaz-Bergman, 45, former coordinator for the NGO Group on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the drafting process of the Convention on the Rights of the Child was revolutionary because it showed...

A: "that NGOs could be worked with and that there could be collaboration"
B: "that children can have rights"
C: "that the UN could be a place for children"