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Quiz - special on Ombudspersons for children

1. What is an Ombudsperson?

A: A Swedish bureaucrat
B: A type of robot
C: An official charged with representing the interests of the public by investigating and addressing complaints reported by individuals

2. In which country is the children's Ombudspersons office in danger of closing?

A: France
B: Denmark
C: Mauritius

3. What is another name for Ombudsperson?

A: Individual Human Rights Champion
B: Independent Human Rights Institution
C: Indivisible Human Rights Superhero

4. In which European country did a minister last week announce plans to develop a children's Ombudperson's office?

A: Russia
B: Czech Republic
C: Croatia

5. Why did a panel of parliamentarians object to a nomination for Children's Commissioner in the UK?

A: Because she is not qualified
B: Because she did not demonstrate sufficient independence
C: Because she seemed prepared to stand up to the government

6. Why was there concern over the candidacy for the post of Ombudsperson in Paraguay?

A: Because she had a criminal record for assault
B: Because she had publicly declared her support for the death penalty for children
C: Because she was brought before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights for ordering round-ups of street children

7. Shantha Sinha is the Ombudswoman for...

A: India?
B: Mexico?
C: Bangladesh?

8. What is ENOC?

A: The European Network of Ombudsmen for Children
B: A new iPhone application
C: A way of announcing your arrival through email

9. What is the name for the guidelines governing the appointment of Ombudspersons?

A: The Paris Principles
B: The Geneva Guidelines
C: The Rome Regulations

10. In an interview with CRIN, what did Shirin Aumeeruddy-Cziffra, Ombudswoman for Children in Mauritius, say was the best thing about her role?

A: 'Being independent...being able to say things without hesitation. My job gives me that officially. Nobody can tell me what to do what to say or what not to do.'
B: 'Representing the rights of children. Both nationally and internationally'
C: 'Having a big office'