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Quiz special - children and the media

1. What is the name of the challenge that emerged from a global meeting on children and the media in 1999?

A: The Oslo challenge
B: The Ostrich challenge
C: The Bonn ultimatum

2. In which country have universities recently begun incorporating a child rights syllabus into their journalism courses?

A: Iran
B: Turkey
C: Canada

3. CRIN's media toolkit includes sections on...

A: Turning a press release into news, using the media to help celebrities get film deals
B: Adopting babies from abroad using the media, writing about disasters
C: Turning a press release into news, contributing to CRIN, writing about children

4. How many articles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child directly address the media?

A: 0
B: One
C: Two

5. According to Ciara Davey, of the Child Rights Alliance for England, what percentage of news stories about children, from research in the UK, mentioned children's rights?

A: Nine per cent
B: 21 per cent
C: Two per cent

6. What is CRINwire?

A: CRIN's new e-news service
B: CRIN's new mobile phone service
C: CRIN's name on Twitter

7. When was the Oslo challenge issued?

A: 1999
B: 2000
C: 2001

8. What is the term sometimes given to the production of images by NGOs of disastrous situations, which tend to shock rather than increase understanding?

A: Aid pornography
B: NGO fever
C: Image abuse

9. What does Karen Wells think aid photographs of children should be?

A: Political, rather than just appealing to sentiments
B: As attractive to the eye as possible
C: Shot in black and white