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1. At what event in March will there be a day devoted to the rights of the child?

A: The 64th session of the General Assembly
B: The 10th session of the Human Rights Council
C: UNICEF and Save the Children's joint Maternal, Health, Disease, Gender and Vaccinations Conference

2. In which country have a group of reporters been kidnapped by supporters of female genital mutilation?

A: Tanzania
B: Sierra Leone
C: Senegal

3. What was the subject of the Committee on the Rights of the Child's General Comment, adopted during the last session?

A: Hunger
B: Child survival and poverty
C: Indigenous children

4. What international day was marked on 6 February?

A: International Day against Female Genital Mutilation
B: International Day against Corporal Punishment of Children
C: International Day against Child Sexual Abuse

5. According to Thomas Hammarberg (Europe High Commissioner for Human Rights) in his viewpoint on children in conflict with the law, what two concepts must be separated?

A: "child" and "adult"
B: “responsibility” and “criminalisation”
C: "development" and "dignity"

6. What did a top lawyer in Northern Ireland compare smacking children with?

A: Using a cattle rod
B: Buying them a Christmas present
C: Using an electric fence

7. In the United States, what kind of student did a law court say a school was entitled to expel?

A: Black students
B: Lesbian students
C: Muslim students

8. What are the guiding principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

A: Non-discrimination, best interests of the child, survival and development, respect for the views of the child
B: Dignity, development and dialogue
C: Discussion, talking and diplomacy

9. What could be adversely affecting secondary education in Mali, according to reports?

A: Poor access to electricity for schools
B: A lack of textbooks
C: The Millennium Development Goals

10. What significant event in January went some way towards making world leaders who send youngsters into war accountable?

A: The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) trial of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo
B: The establishment of an international court for prosecuting war crimes against children
C: The inauguration of US President Barack Obama