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Weekly quiz

1. Who has been nominated as the next UN High Commissioner for Human Rights?

A: A South African judge?
B: A South Korean diplomat?
C: An Australian surfer?

2. According to provincial data in Mozambique, what percentage of HIV-infected children are getting treatment?

A: 27
B: 67
C: 13

3. Which UN organisation released a world report this week?


4. What has the Australian government abandoned?

A: Tasmania
B: Its policy of jailing all asylum seekers
C: Plans to release all child prisoners

5. What has been quashed in the UK?

A: A student rebellion against university fees
B: Rules allowing prisoner officers to restrain children
C: A law giving 16-year-olds the vote

6. What are reportedly not working in India?

A: Child rights committees
B: Juvenile justice courts
C: Education programmes for minority children

7. What are General Measures of Implementation?

A: Guidelines issued to help States implement the CRC
B: Ten ways in which the CRC can be enacted by State parliament
C: A way to measure how a State complies with the CRC - called 'points', 'goals' and 'touch downs'

8. Which of the following are coming up on CRIN?

A: A guide to child rights education
B: A guide to discrimination
C: A guide to children and the media

9. When is the next Day of General Discussion, organised by the Committee on the Rights of the Child, taking place?

A: October
B: September
C: December

10. Complete the quote on children from Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet: "They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you...

A: yet they do not owe you
B: yet they cannot stay with you
C: yet they belong not to you