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Weekly quiz

1. What special day was celebrated on Monday 16 June?

A: Universal Children's Day
B: Day of the Refugee
C: Day of the African Child

2. Who are reportedly "traumatising" children in the United States?

A: Bad characters in video games
B: Gun owners
C: Immigration officers

3. What happened again to CRIN last week?

A: The website was hacked
B: Its offices were visited by outgoing High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour
C: It won a competition for the most self-indulgent news quiz

4. Who did CRIN interview this week?

A: Nevena Vučković Šahović, of the Committee on the Rights of the Child
B: Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights at the Council of Europe
C: Dr Assefa Bequele, of the African Child Policy Forum

5. What is the name of the campaign, launched this week by the Council of Europe?

A: "Raise your hand against smacking!"
B: "Smack yourself when rising!"
C: "Appoint a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights who mentions child rights at least once during his/her entire term of office"

6. Council of Europe Deputy Secretary General Maud de Boer-Buquicchio said: “Abolishing corporal punishment against children is not a matter of opinion polls; it is a matter of...

A: fairness"?
B: vision and political leadership“?
C: child rights"?

7. Why are members of a Kurdish children's choir facing prison in Turkey?

A: Because they launched a bomb attack on parliament buildings
B: Because they kidnapped a politician and held him hostage
C: Because they sang a march in Kurdish at an international music festival

8. What are a number of high-ranking UN officials reportedly "disturbed" by?

A: The failure of the UN leadership to be more vigilant, and pro-active, in stemming sexual abuse of children by UN staff
B: The failure of the UN leadership to speak out on child rights matters
C: The move towards a child welfare, rather than child rights, agenda by some UN agencies

9. Which country's government was this week accused of child protection failures?

A: Ireland
B: Switzerland
C: Norway

10. What could be said to be the major difference between how the UN's Human Rights Council and Committee on the Rights of the Child operate?

A: The Council can use economic sanctions to make States fulfil their human rights obligations
B: The Council is made up of UN Member States, while the Committee is made up of independent experts
C: The Committee is made up of Heads of State, while the Council is only made up of government officials