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Weekly quiz

1. What did the US supreme court uphold this week?

A: A complete ban on child pornography
B: A ban on under 14 year-old's working at McDonald's
C: The US government's right to strike at the UN, if too many countries vote against it

2. What is the name of the armed group that has reportedly begun a new spree of abductions and sexual violence in the Central African Republic (CAR), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and Southern Sudan?

A: The Palipehutu-National Liberation Front
B: The Tamil Tigers
C: Lordís Resistance Army

3. What is the subject of a major global report released this week?

A: Child survival
B: Child soldiers
C: Child malnutrition

4. How many children may be at risk of malnutrition in Ethiopia because of rising cereal prices and the failure of rains?

A: 500,000
B: One million
C: Six million

5. What is the main reason for school dropouts in Pakistan, according to a national NGO?

A: Child marriage
B: Corporal punishment
C: Child abandonment

6. What is strategic litigation?

A: When lawyers take a long time, using complicated language, to say something quite simple
B: A 1940s dance move
C: Bringing a case to court with a broader goal of creating social change

7. Which of the following are clearly listed as child rights in the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

A: The right to be loved
B: The right to a name
C: The right to choose one's own religion

8. What important children's meeting is currently taking place?

A: A session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child
B: The World Conference on Educating the Girl Child
C: A session of the Human Rights Council

9. In which country have a spate of xenophobic attacks killed several people, and left many others injured or homeless?

A: Lebanon
B: Tanzania
C: South Africa

10. US children's advocate Marian Wright Edelman said: "Investing in [children] is not a national luxury or a national choice. It's...." what?

A: national necessity
B: national option
C: national bonus