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Weekly quiz

1. In which country has the government failed to implement a law establishing special insititutions for children in conflict with the law?

A: Pakistan
B: Peru
C: Palau

2. What is the name given to the process whereby people bring court cases in order to bring about broader social changes in society?

A: Strategic litigation
B: Cathartic dissertation
C: Lethargic mitigation

3. What is the ILO?

A: The Institute for Labour Organisation
B: The International Labour Organisation
C: The Ironing Lovers Organisation

4. What is a legal 'instrument'?

A: An legal tool used for human rights standards, e.g the Convention on the Rights of the Child
B: A person responsible for implementing human rights, e.g Special Representative on Violence
C: A UN agency

5. What theme related to child rights does the UN Security Council work on?

A: Children and protection
B: Children and armed conflict
C: Children in 'important countries', specifically the US, the UK, China, France and Russia (the only permanent members of the Council)

6. How much money, in American currency, were child labourers in China found to be getting paid?

A: 35 cents
B: 1 dollar
C: 5 dollars

7. Who is set to be tried at the International Criminal Court in June for recruiting child soldiers?

A: Thomas Rouba Lobojo
B: David Fallento
C: Thomas Lubanga Dyilo

8. How have authorities in Mumbai, India, encouraged girls to attend school?

A: By promising property to their parents
B: By giving them cash
C: By threatening jail

9. Who is the Council of Europe's High Commissioner for Human Rights?

A: Thomas Hamburg
B: Thomas Hammarberg
C: Thomas Cruise

10. According to Shantha Sinha, this week's interviewee, it is wrong to say fulfilling all children's rights is "impractical" or "overwhelming" because...

A: "that's just lazy"
B: "it is impractical to be suffering"
C: "people always use the same excuses"