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Weekly quiz

1. Which is the only African country which has no law for registering 'vital events' such as births?

A: Angola
B: Ethiopia
C: South Africa

2. According to the resolution to establish a UN Special Representative on Violence Against Children, the the appointee must be "high profile and..."?

A: low maintenance?
B: independent?
C: from UNICEF?

3. The French National Assembly has passed a groundbreaking bill which seeks to criminalise the promotion in the media of...what?

A: Drugs
B: Extreme thinness
C: Unhealthy foods

4. Whose children are being discriminated against in China, according to a Human Rights Watch report?

A: The children of American women
B: The children of families with more than once child
C: The children of North Korean women

5. The soaring price of what is causing global concern?

A: Food
B: Fertiliser
C: Labour

6. What has the Russian parliament decided to allow?

A: Private orphanages
B: Dissent
C: Maternity leave

7. Who is the chief executive of UNICEF?

A: Laura Bush
B: Anne Veneman
C: Angelina Jolie

8. What is consistent with better mental health for teenage girls from some minority communities in the United Kingdom?

A: Having lots of money
B: Eating ethnic food
C: Wearing ethnic clothes

9. What has a landmark agreement by Palestinian lawyers decided?

A: They are no longer going to defend under-16s
B: They will no longer make deals with military prosecutors over sentencing
C: They will only defend children against military brutality, not adults

10. What, according to David Maidment, Chairman of the Railway Children, has had a "big impact"?

A: Ban Ki Moon's explosive leadership of the UN
B: The Millenium Development Goals
C: The Convention on the Rights of the Child