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Weekly quiz

1. Which groups of children are reportedly only to be given a 'passing grade' in schools in Iran?

A: Religious minorities
B: Children who work
C: Children who are homeschooled

2. How much is the US government set to spend on HIV and AIDS over the next five years?

A: $50 million
B: $50 billion
C: $50 trillion

3. What drew to a close this week?

A: The 7th session of the Human Rights Council
B: The 4th session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child
C: The World Summit on Celebrities Helping Kids to Survive

4. What is rife in UK schools, according to a new survey?

A: Drugs
B: Violence
C: Homophobia

5. What is the key to Roma rights in Europe, according to Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights at the Council of Europe?

A: Combatting poverty
B: Gender equality
C: Inclusive education

6. What is the best way to find out about news on child rights from the UN's Human Rights Council and Committee on the Rights of the Child?

A: Telepathy
B: Organise a cosmic seance
C: Visit CRIN's special news pages, and sign up to special CRINMAILs

7. In which country do children not know their rights, according to a report?

A: Sweden
B: Norway
C: Finland

8. What is an Ombudsman in Bolivia trying to prevent?

A: The passage of a law allowing child labour for 17-year-olds
B: The use of children in advertising
C: The passage of a law which includes compulsory military service for children

9. How old is the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

A: 18
B: 21
C: 72

10. What can be the problem with lawyers, according to Gilbert Onyango, Deputy Director of The Cradle, Kenya?

A: They are not always trained to deal with children
B: There are too few willing to work in public service
C: They earn too much