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Weekly quiz

1. Which country was denounced in a report this week for its practice of detaining girls indefinitely, without judicial review, for 'guidance'?

A: Bahrain
B: Saudi Arabia

2. Which human rights post was Ms. Najat M’jid Maala from Morocco put forward for yesterday?

A: Human Rights Monitor for the Beijing Olympics
B: Special Representative on violence against children
C: Special Rapporteur on the sale of children child prostitution and child pornography

3. What did Tibet's hardline leader demand of students in schools and universities last week?

A: that they denounce the Dalai Lama, providing details of their ID card
B: that they demonstrate against the Beijing Olympics
C: that they rise up against the oppression of the Chinese government

4. What was this week denounced as being 'inhumane and oppressive' and 'marred by inhumanity' in a UK report?

A: the electoral system
B: the asylum system
C: the weather

5. Why is a special court currently being built in Liberia?

A: to hold truth hearings following the country's 14 year civil conflict
B: to deal with rape cases and other forms of violence against women and girls
C: to deal with child soldiers

6. Which country ranked bottom in the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Index in 2007?

A: Yemen
B: the Holy See
C: Bangladesh

7. Egypt is discussing some amendments to its Children's Code. Which of the proposed changes has met with strong opposition?

A: a stated rejection of the Arab Charter on Human Rights
B: the criminalisation of corporal punishment in the home
C: the right of children to lodge complaints about schools

8. Why was Uruguay criticised by a child rights NGO last week?

A: the conditions of its juvenile detention centres
B: the lack of legal aid available to young people
C: allowing too many mate (traditional tea) breaks in schools

9. What is the theme of this year's State of the World's Minorities report?

A: Climate change
B: Language
C: Companies responsible for bringing epidemics to isolated regions

10. Which international organisation has just launched a quiz of its own on humanitarian and human rights issues?

A: the International Criminal Court
B: Nestlé
C: the UN