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Weekly quiz

1. What "historic undertaking" has UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's "fullest support"?

A: UN reform
B: The Universal Periodic Review
C: The establishment of a CRIN office in Cairo

2. Where are more than 40,000 children trafficked each year?

A: Benin
B: Bahrain
C: Bhutan

3. In which country has there been a decline in recorded offending by children between 1994 and 2004, but an increase of 90 per cent in the number of children sentenced to custody?

A: China
B: Tanzania
C: England and Wales

4. What have child advocates in Finland defended?

A: A law on web censorship
B: The appointment of a government minister as children's Ombudsperson
C: A ten percent budget increase for children's services

5. How is the Indian government planning to help girls?

A: By giving families cash to encourage positive child-rearing, and discourage abortion of female foetuses
B: By promising free education, healthcare and housing to all girls under 18
C: By creating a national 'girls panel'

6. What prompted UNICEF, the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Children and Armed Conflict and the UN Secretary-General to speak out over the plight of children?

A: The recruitment of child soldiers in Myanmar
B: A flare-up of violence in Palestine
C: Rebel attacks on villages in Sudan

7. What are Special Procedures?

A: How Russia ensures its elections are democratic
B: The British Queen's make-up regime
C: A way of investigating human rights situations

8. What will be closed down in Uganda if they are operating without licenses, according to the government?

A: Orphanages
B: Schools
C: Foreign adoption agencies

9. What is the campaign for a 'communications procedure' to the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

A: A campaign for better child participation at the UN
B: A campaign to help children submit information to the UN when their rights have been violated
C: A UN campaign to help help child literacy

10. According to child rights activist Peter Newell, what are the most important child rights issues?

A: Those that can draw the most funding
B: Those pursued by the major UN agencies and NGOs
C: Those that are symbolic of children's status in society