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Weekly quiz

1. What percentage of children aged between nine and 17 in Jamaica said that members of their family had been victims of violence?

A: 95
B: 41
C: 60

2. What are more and more schools in the UK banning, according to a new report?

A: Islamic garments
B: Staff touching children
C: Drama lessons

3. What will happen for the first time in April?

A: A televised boxing match between two US presidential candidates
B: Child rights will be discussed at the UN Security Council
C: The human rights record of several countries will reviewed under the Universal Periodic Review mechanism

4. What do activists say is impeding the implementation of child rights in Uganda?

A: A lack of 'meaningful' child participation
B: The collapse of the Human Rights Secretariat, due to insufficient funding
C: The delay in the passage of the Birth and Death Registration Bill

5. Why did authorities in Germany close down a Scientologist day-care centre?

A: Because they say young minds were being indoctrinated
B: Because 'stress tests' were replacing the school curriculum
C: Because of alien infestation

6. In which country are children at risk of participation in violent political action, according to the UN?

A: Nepal
B: Bangladesh
C: Kenya

7. What have lawyers from 34 international bar associations called for the closure of?

A: The Mexican border to US citizens
B: Guantanamo Bay
C: George Bush's mouth

8. What new strategy is an armed group in Sri Lanka deploying to recruit child soldiers, according to the government?

A: Training children and returning them to school, so they can be used quickly in the future
B: Destroying the school records and birth registration forms of kidnapped children
C: Forging birth certificates so children appear to be 18

9. What is the Committee on the Rights of the Child an example of?

A: A treaty body
B: A UN instrument
C: A working group

10. A 1973 publication by United States presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said children's rights were...

A: a phrase in need of translation?
B: a slogan in need of a definition?
C: subject to parental selection?