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Weekly quiz

1. What has been banned in Scotland?

A: A law allowing under-16s to be kept in prisons, without having been convicted of an offence
B: Public access to a database of child sex offenders in urban areas
C: Cheap alcohol for under-16s

2. What proportion of the world's cocoa is produced in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire?

A: Three quarters
B: Half
C: 90 per cent

3. What results in improved adult-child relationships, according to Canadian researchers?

A: Playing computer games
B: Human rights education for children
C: A diet rich in protein and complex carbohydrates

4. Britons are three times more likely to do what, according to a new study?

A: Cite young people hanging around as a problem, than complain about noisy neigbours
B: Drink more than two pints of tea per day, compared with Indians
C: Be able to rub their stomach while patting their head, compared to Norwegians

5. What is the name of a new Save the Children report released this week?

A: Saving Children's Lives - How Ignorance Kills
B: Saving Children's Lives - Why Equity Matters
C: Child Survival - The Healthcare Challenge

6. Where are former child soldiers still at risk, even though militias in the country have been taken off the UN's global list of child recruiters?

A: Sierra Leone
B: Cote d'Ivoire
C: Myanmar

7. In which country are moves underway to protect child victims from media scrutiny?

A: Czech Republic
B: Canada
C: South Africa

8. In which year did the UN adopt the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities?

A: 2005
B: 2006
C: 2007

9. What does a child rights panel in India believe should be installed in all schools?

A: Exercise equipment
B: A team of teaching assistants
C: Full-time counsellors

10. According to child rights activist Qindeel Shujaat, interviewed by CRIN this week, what is at the root of a lot of Pakistan's problems?

A: Children not going to school
B: Only partial democracy
C: Child malnutrition