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Weekly quiz

1. A law in California, USA, has sought to address discrimination and abuse against which group of children in the justice system?

A: Children with disabilities
B: Immigrant children
C: Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender children

2. What does a new law in Bahrain seek to combat?

A: Trafficking
B: Corporal punishment
C: Children detained in mental health institutions

3. What are considered 'priority rights' at the United Nations?

A: Children's right to be free from poverty
B: Children's right to be free from discrimination
C: Neither

4. What does a new commission in India, whose establishment has been delayed, enable children to do?

A: Have their say on school reform
B: Legally 'divorce' from their parents
C: Directly report complaints of abuse to the government

5. How many children in Latin America lack drinking water in their homes, according to a new report?

A: 1 million
B: 6 million
C: 60 million

6. What is an ombudsperson for children?

A: A person who addresses violent crime committed by children
B: A independent representative who promotes and protects children's rights
C: A lawyer who helps resolve disputes between children

7. What is one of the main ways that taking a 'rights-based' approach differs from traditional development policies and programmes for children?

A: It helps emphasise who is responsible, and how, replacing the 'helping victims' approach
B: It creates more funding opportunities
C: It creates more bureaucracy

8. What is the reported reason for the alleged murder of a 16-year-old girl by her father in Canada?

A: She refused to wear the Hijab, a headscarf worn by some Muslim women and girls
B: She married a non-Muslim man
C: She began a relationship with another woman

9. In which country has a group of lawyers and members of children's rights organisations created an 'Opinion Court”, to judge the state for detaining foreign children in closed detention centres?

A: Belgium
B: Bulgaria
C: Bolivia

10. Complete the quote by SOS Children's Villages at the World Fit for Children event in New York in December: "Why do governments spend so much money on arms and not on education? If you think education is expensive... ?

A: try ignorance"
B: you should see my phone bill"
C: you should see Anne Veneman's house"