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Weekly quiz

1. How is the UK Government planning to determine the age of child asylum seekers?

A: By extracting a sample of bone marrow
B: By X-raying their teeth
C: By pulling out hair samples

2. What is the purpose of a Day of General Discussion at the Committee on the Rights of the Child?

A: To discuss ammendments to the Convention on the Rights of the Child
B: To have tea and a chat about nothing in particular
C: To foster a better understanding of the Convention

3. What legal practice in the US has been condemned in a new report?

A: Sentencing ten-year-olds to a night behind bars
B: Sentencing eight-year-olds to hard labour
C: Sentencing 13 and 14-year-olds to life imprisonment

4. What has the European Court of Human Rights found the Czech government guilty of?

A: Channeling Roma children into special schools
B: Forcing gay children into special schools
C: Forcing children with disabilities to attend mainstream schools

5. Where, say NGOs, are children worse off, despite legislation to improve child rights?

A: West Africa
B: Western Australia
C: East Timor

6. What is the name of the United Nations report about violence against children, published last year?

A: The UN Study on Violence Against Children
B: The Outcome Document of the Follow-Up to the Special Session on Children and Violence
C: The UN Report on Violence Against Children in All Forms (Except Corporal Punishment)

7. Who said: "Poverty, conflict or whatever you want, should not be a reason to remove a [child] from his natural environment and send him away and think he is better off"?

A: The President of Pakistan
B: A UNICEF spokesman in Chad
C: Madonna

8. What is special about Tuesday 20 November 2007?

A: The Convention on the Rights of the Child will be 18
B: It is International Satsuma Day
C: It is my birthday

9. What is the subject of an international conference currently underway in Brazil?

A: Children and violence
B: Children and mental health
C: Children and the Internet

10. In which country has a recent report highlighted a chronic mistreatment of children with mental disabilities?

A: Slovenia
B: Serbia
C: Slovakia