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Weekly quiz

1. How old are the youngest of the children being recruited by Myanmar's military leaders, according to a report by Human Rights Watch?

A: 8
B: 10
C: 14

2. What age do Korean legislators plan to make children criminally responsible (and therefore liable for prosecution)?

A: 6
B: 10
C: 16

3. What event is taking place in Yemen this week?

A: A conference on children and the Disability Convention
B: Elections for a regional youth parliament
C: A UNICEF regional Hallowe'en party

4. Eighteen people have been charged over alleged efforts to abduct more than 100 children from which country?

A: Somalia
B: Sudan
C: Chad

5. What is inhibiting child development, according to a new book?

A: Parental fear
B: Drugs
C: Too many rights

6. According to NGOs in Iraq, there are at least 20 children in each...what?

A: Home
B: Prison
C: Class

7. Following consultations over a possible ban on smacking in the UK, whose views did ministers most take into account in deciding against an outright ban?

A: Children
B: Practioners (child advocates, professionals etc)
C: Parents

8. What is the name of the African treaty encompassing the rights of children?

A: The African Treaty on the Protection and Promotion of Children's Rights
B: The African Children's Charter
C: The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child

9. How is India's National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights planning to ensure children know about their rights?

A: By organising hundreds of children's seminars on child rights
B: By getting teachers to recite the Convention on the Rights of the Child
C: By dumping thousands of copies of the Convention on the streets of major cities

10. Complete the quote from Maria Montessori: "If hope and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of..."?

A: Memories
B: Men
C: Magic