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Weekly quiz

1. What new position at the UN are child rights NGOs, including CRIN, hoping will be created?

A: A UN Special Representative on Violence Against Children
B: A UN Independent Expert on Child Trafficking
C: A Special Rapporteur on Children and Online Pornography

2. What are business leaders in India warning could happen, unless traders make more effort to combat child labour?

A: Factories could be shut down
B: Carpet exports could be banned
C: Children could revolt

3. What is the UK Government currently reviewing the use of?

A: The use of batons to control children in prison
B: The use of 'stun guns' to control children in public
C: The use of electric shock treatment to curb violent tendencies in children

4. In which country is child trafficking not being monitored, according to UNICEF?

A: Nigeria
B: Thailand
C: Switzerland

5. What will help protect the rights of children in Europe, according to a coalition of children's NGOs?

A: The new EU reform treaty
B: Cheaper mobile phones
C: Anti-terrorism legislation

6. What halved malaria deaths in a hospital ward in Guinea-Bissau, according to a new report?

A: The use of mosquito nets
B: Cheaper drug supplies
C: Giving staff more supervision and pay

7. What European Convention will enter into force in February 2008?

A: Convention on the Use of Children in Armed Conflict
B: Convention on Children and Violence
C: Convention against Trafficking in Human Beings

8. In the Netherlands, a 'voodoo' child trade has been smashed. Where were the children trafficked from?

A: France
B: Nigeria
C: Guatemala

9. What were the main reasons for glue-sniffing among children in Nepal, according to a report?

A: Boredom and ease of purchase
B: Discrimination and violence
C: Hunger and peer pressure

10. According to European judge Josiane Bigot, "The Child’s voice in judicial proceedings is indicative of..." what?

A: The child’s place in society
B: A fair judicial system
C: An adult's voice in space