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Weekly quiz

1. What could teaching 'creationism' do, according to parliamentarians at the Council of Europe?

A: Violate human rights
B: Encourage religious fundamentalism
C: Encourage free thought

2. In Panama, the Government claims a mystery respiratory illness is killing children. What is the real cause, according to the UN?

B: Malnutrition
C: Polio

3. What has a mother in the United Kingdom controversially instructed doctors to give her severely disabled daughter?

A: Substitute limbs
B: A hysterectomy
C: Breast implants

4. What is the main obstacle to universal education, according to the UN?

A: A lack of school books
B: Religious fundamentalism
C: A shortage of teachers

5. What, say the UN, is the best way to overcome malnutrition and chronic diet-related diseases in children?

A: Turning off the TV
B: Developing farming methods
C: Educating school children in health nutrition

6. In which country do child victims of rape have to confront their attackers in court?

A: South Africa
B: The United Kingdom
C: France

7. What global landmark was celebrated this week?

A: World Mental Health Day
B: World Disability Day
C: International Day for Religious Freedom

8. How many optional protocols are there to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child?

A: Two
B: One
C: None

9. What is the name of the ready-to-use food (RUF), made from peanuts and milk, being used to treat malnutrition across the world?

A: Plumpy'nut
B: Nutty'plump
C: Nitty'plomp

10. In 1981, the Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health said: "Children are one third of our population and...

A: ...two thirds our past
B: ...all of our future
C: ...should therefore have a third of our rights