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Weekly quiz

1. What has a 17-year-old boy from Argentina been granted by a judge?

A: The right to vote
B: A 'divorce' from his parents
C: A sex change

2. What does South African law say should be done with Zimbabwean children who are travelling unaccompanied across South African Borders?

A: They should be protected and cared for
B: They should be deported immediately and returned to their parents
C: They should be sent to Botswana, which has a bilateral agreement for the protection of refugees

3. What was the subject of this year's Day of General Discussion at the Committee on the Rights of the Child?

A: Resources for the Rights of the Child - Responsibility of States
B: The Limits of Children's Rights - The Good of the State
C: Children and Responsibility - The Rights of Parents to Know Best

4. How many children are involved in (often bonded) labour in India's cotton fields, according to a new report?

A: 77,000
B: 107,000
C: 416,000

5. How is the Liberian Government trying to meet the Millenium Goal of enrolling all primary-aged children in school by 2015?

A: By offering cash to parents
B: By increasing investment in education by 2 per cent
C: By fining or imprisoning parents who do not send their children to school

6. What fraction of out-of-school children are disabled, according to estimates?

A: One third
B: One quarter
C: Two thirds

7. What, in UK schools, should be viewed as seriously as racism, according to Schools Secretary Ed Balls?

A: 'Islamophobia'
B: anti-gay bullying
C: sexism

8. What aspect of the Bible do Christian leaders in South Africa believe they must follow?

A: The imperative to hit children with a rod
B: Permission to have more than one wife
C: The need to treat slaves fairly

9. What is the name of the new system at the UN Human Rights Council, finally launched, which will monitor the human rights records of all Member States?

A: The Universally Reviewed Periodical
B: The Universal Periodic Review
C: The Scopiously Isochronous Exposition

10. Complete the quote from Mary Heaton Vorse: "In the last analysis, civilisation is measured by...

A: children's adherence to custom and rites
B: the way in which children will live and what chance they will have in the world
C: the rich