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Weekly quiz

1. What child labour issue has the International Labour Organisation drawn attention to in a new report?

A: Child labour in agriculture
B: Boys in domestic work
C: Girls in mining

2. What UN event is currently underway in Geneva, Switzerland?

A: A UN Symposium on the Regulatory Procedures for the Adoption of Policies and Guidelines
B: A commemorative event for the UN Special Session on Children
C: A session of the Human Rights Council

3. What factor is encouraging the recruitment of girls into the Cambodian sex trade?

A: Western tourists' demand for younger sex workers
B: The demand for virgins
C: The ability to contact girls through the internet

4. What did an Indian court rule children do not have to disclose?

A: Their caste
B: Their sexual history
C: Their health records

5. What could be fuelling a rise in smacking in the United Kingdom, according to a charity?

A: A clause in the law allowing 'reasonable chastisement'
B: A rise in alcoholism amongst parents
C: Children becoming more naughty

6. The UN Secretary General has recently reported on children and armed conflict in which country?

A: Sudan
B: Senegal
C: Sierra Leone

7. What declaration has the General Assembly adopted, following years of negotiation?

A: Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
B: Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
C: UNEP International Declaration on Cleaner Production

8. A child rights perspective could result in what in the United Kingdom?

A: A ban on smoking in the home
B: A ban on all corporal punishment
C: A ban on advertising junk food on television

9. Why are children being targeted for kidnap in the Central African Republic, according to Amnesty International?

A: So they can be trafficked abroad
B: Because they can command large ransoms
C: To be used as child soldiers

10. According to spiritual teacher Jess Lair: "Children are not things to be moulded, but...

A: are people to be unfolded
B: are things to be scolded
C: are people who can be folded