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Weekly quiz

1. Why did Amnesty International issue an urgent appeal to Yemen’s President Saleh on 10 August 2007?

A: To pass legislation making the practice of slavery punishable by a minimum 10 years in prison
B: To stop the execution of a child offender
C: To introduce a monthly payment to the country’s “chronically poor”

2. What has new legislation in Mauritania outlawed, with those convicted facing up to ten years in prison?

A: Slavery
B: Child labour
C: Sex tourism

3. According to UNFPA, how many women and girls are subjected to FGM/C annually?

A: under 1 million
B: between 2 and 3 million
C: between 4 and 5 million

4. Why are the family of a 13-year-old boy suing the Egyptian police?

A: For torturing their son to death
B: For denying their son food during the 10 days he spent in prison
C: For not allowing the family to visit their detained son

5. Why did the hiring of two police community support officers cause outrage in the United Kingdom?

A: They used to be on the sex offenders register
B: They were under 18 at the time
C: They are Roma Travellers

6. In what country are hundreds of aboriginal children with severe medical problems being moved to institutions in big cities because health authorities cannot agree on who should pay for their care?

A: India
B: Australia
C: Canada

7. Why were 46 children 'rescued' in Guatemala?

A: They were playing hide and seek and got lost in woodland
B: They were believed to have been taken from their parents for illegal adoption
C: They were involved in domestic slave labour

8. What concerns are there over the 2010 football World Cup in South Africa?

A: It could encourage sex tourism
B: Football players are being recruited too young
C: David Beckham might be too old to play

9. What has been classed as corporal punishment in India?

A: Denying children play time
B: Locking children alone in classrooms
C: Shouting at children

10. Where have the warring parties 'shown criminal disregard for the well-being of the civilian population', according to Ken Roth, the executive director for Human Rights Watch?

A: Cameroon
B: Somalia
C: The UN General Assembly