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Weekly quiz

1. How many deaths of children under the age of five can be prevented by exclusive breastfeeding to the age of six months, according to UNICEF?

A: 0.3 million
B: 0.8 million
C: 1.3 million

2. Who described Aboriginal Outback communities in Australia as "a failed society where law and order and behaviour have broken down and where women and children are unsafe"?

A: The late politician responsible for the 'stolen generation', where Aborigine children were allegedly separated from their families and put in control of the State
B: Australia's highest ranking police chief
C: The Australian minister responsible for Aborigine welfare

3. What was Benson Morah, the Director of UNFPA’s Country Support Office in Addis Ababa, referring to when he remarked that the practice is “deeply rooted in some of our cultures, and its eradication must also come from changes within those cultures?”

A: Male circumcision
B: Female circumcision
C: Capitalism

4. What has a recent report revealed about sex abstinence programmes?

A: They have a positive impact on rates of sex infections
B: They help prevent 'sexual deviance', drug taking, street crime and terrorism
C: They have no impact on sex lives

5. Which country has the highest per-capita adoption rate in the world?

A: Guatemala
B: Costa Rica
C: Honduras

6. In which country has an NGO recently had a significant victory in the battle against Child Labour?

A: Argentina
B: India
C: Chile

7. What did the South African Council of Churches conclude this week?

A: Lightly hitting children with an implement made out of wood, but not metal, is condoned in the Bible
B: Hitting children is OK as long as they have been given a warning, and the skin is not broken
C: There is no biblical justification for hitting a child

8. How are baby formula milk producers able to promote their product in the United Kingdom, despite an advertising ban?

A: By promoting baby milk as a 'perfect summer drink for all ages'
B: By promoting 'follow-on' milks for older children
C: By calling products 'baby food supplements' rather than 'milk'

9. Thursday 9 August 2007 is International Day...

A: for Global Gender Equality?
B: of Peace?
C: of the World's Indigenous People?

10. Which of the following do you think are listed as 'forms of violence' for the purposes of the UN study on Violence Against Children?

A: Smacking, pornography and deprivation
B: Deprivation, trafficking and abortion
C: Smacking, armed conflict and homophobia