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Weekly Quiz

1. What is the subject of this year's Day of General Discussion at the Committee on the Rights of the Child meeting in September 2007?

A: The Child's Right to be Heard
B: The Child's Right to be Seen and not Heard
C: Responsibility of States

2. According to a new education plan in Sierra Leone, what will be compulsory for girls from September?

A: School
B: Head scarves
C: Marriage

3. Where have there been reports of violence an ill-treatment of migrant children?

A: The Cayman Islands
B: The Canary Islands
C: The Cook Islands

4. According to a senior coroner in the United Kingdom, what needs to be reviewed following the death of a 15-year-old boy in a child prison?

A: The provision of materials in jail which could be used for suicide attempts
B: Mental health services in UK jails
C: The use of restraint against children in jail

5. How have baby milk formula companies responded to a ban on the advertisement and promotion of breast-milk substitutes in the Philippines?

A: By taking the Government to court
B: By buying breast milk from mothers and combining it with substitue to evade the new regulations
C: By kidnapping babies and ransoming them for lost revenue

6. What gives HIV-infected babies a greater chance of survival, according to a new study?

A: The involvement of fathers in care plans
B: Treatment before they show signs of illness
C: Treatment at home rather than hospital

7. What is the latest development in the court case between Nigeria and drug company Pfizer over its alleged role in the deaths of Nigerian children?

A: Pfizer has admitted causing the deaths of children by testing a new drug during a meningitis outbreak
B: In addition to other charges, the Government has now accused Pfizer of fraud
C: Pfizer is counter-suing the Nigerian Government for supplying sick children to experiment on

8. Which is the only United Nations Security Council working group dealing specifically with child rights?

A: The Security Council Working Group on Children and Terrorism
B: The Security Council Working Group on Children and Violence
C: The Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict

9. Why is there a need for a Special Representative to the UN Secretary-General on Violence against Children?

A: To ensure high-level leadership, and concrete action, to end violence against children
B: Because existing mechanisms are inadequate
C: Both of the above

10. Where could children be deprived of school meals, unless the World Food Programme receives an urgent cash injection?

A: Bermuda
B: Benin
C: Belize