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Weekly Quiz

1. What is the name of a national campaign launched in Brazil to combat violence against children?

A: Don't punish, cherish!
B: Don't hit, educate!
C: Beating is just for drums!

2. Last week, the Australian government issued an alcohol ban in Aborigine communities to stem child abuse. What has the government done this week to enrage activists?

A: Turned down a funding application for a 'model' child safety programme
B: Banned all Aboriginal people from voting
C: Offered to pay Aborigine groups $10,000 to move to Tasmania

3. What is special about the person nominated to head a task panel charged with improving the status of girls in India?

A: She is a transexual
B: She is an illegal immigrant
C: She is a witch

4. What led to the shooting of five schoolchildren by police in Uganda, according to reports?

A: A brawl following the slaughter of a goat
B: A student strike following the sacking of three teachers
C: The theft of a diplomat's car

5. What does not constitute a crime, according to a US court?

A: Detention of terror suspects without trial
B: Allowing children to eat too much
C: Merely viewing child pornography

6. Has total development assistance risen or fallen in real terms following the 2005 G8 pledge to double aid to Africa by 2010?

A: Risen by 5.1 percent
B: Fallen by 5.1 percent
C: Stayed the same

7. Where has female circumcision been outlawed?

A: Syria
B: Jordan
C: Egypt

8. Why was a five-year-old boy reportedly refused an operation in China?

A: He has AIDS
B: He could not pay
C: There was insufficient medical equipment

9. How much is it costing to feed families a healthy diet in Bangladesh?

A: $2 per week
B: Half the family income
C: Three times the family income

10. Where, according to an International Monetary Fund publication, do most out-of-school girls come from?

A: One parent families
B: Socially excluded groups
C: China