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Weekly Quiz

1. What draft bill have Australian legislators been writing with regard to children with intellectual disabilities?

A: A bill to ensure their inclusive education
B: A bill to regulate their sterilisation
C: A bill to prevent them from voting

2. Two thirds of which section of UK school children are being bullied, according to a report?

A: Gay children
B: Black children
C: Muslim children

3. Where is corporal punishment in decline, according to a report?

A: Wales
B: Tonga
C: Taiwan

4. In the United Kingdom, why was a girl's chastity ring banned from school?

A: It did not conform with rules on uniform
B: Religious symbols are banned at the school
C: It breached school rules on advertising

5. Where have more than 24 child offenders been executed since 1990 - more than in any other country in the world?

A: Iran
B: China

6. What international human rights day was marked this week?

A: International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
B: World Day for the Protection of Prisoners
C: World Day for the Release of Imprisoned Celebrities

7. How many Iraqis are trapped in internal or external exile?

A: one million
B: four million
C: ten million

8. What global campaign, led in part by CRIN, is being waged to combat violence against children?

A: A petition to support the creation of a Special Representative to the Secretary-General on Violence against Children
B: A campaign to end all corporal punishment of children
C: A call for all countries to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

9. How are children from the Central African Republic being involved in the conflict in Sudan and Chad?

A: They are being kidnapped and held to ransom
B: They are being recruited as armed bandits
C: They are being used as human shields

10. Who has given $1 million to the United Nations World Food Programme in Darfur, Sudan?

A: The board of directors at a supermarket company
B: The actors in a Hollywood film
C: The backing singers for a pop group