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Weekly Quiz

Have you been keeping up to date with child rights information? Take this week's brain teaser and find out!

1. Why was a child in Azerbaijan denied a birth certificate?

A: Because his parents were divorcing
B: Because his parents wanted to register him with a Christian name
C: Because he had immigrated, along with his parents, from Chechnya

2. What, said experts this week, has been rising as a result of the war in Iraq?

A: School truancy
B: Family stability
C: Domestic violence towards children

3. What does a state in Nigeria say drug company Pfizer has done?

A: Withheld life-saving drugs from mothers who refused to help advertise the product
B: Experimented on children with meningitis
C: Offered to provide free HIV and AIDS drugs to 'sponsored' families

4. Which country has been condemned for tolerating violence against children?

A: Portugal
B: Brazil
C: Nigeria

5. What discriminatory statement did Ewa Sowinska, Poland's Ombudswoman for Children, make this week?

A: She questioned whether a male children's TV character, carrying a handbag, could promote homosexuality
B: She asked if banning alcohol in public places might promote religious fundamentalism among the young
C: She suggested allowing girls to have short hair at school could increase the number of single parent families

6. What powers have United Kingdom schools been given?

A: The right to fine parents who fail to make healthy lunches
B: The right to search pupils suspected of carrying knives
C: The right to confiscate 'fundamentalist propoganda'

7. Which two-year-old law has Ghana promised to start enforcing following a 'grace period'?

A: A law prosecuting parents who sell their children to traffickers
B: A law prohibiting children under the age of 12 from working in a commercial setting
C: A law prosecuting fathers and husbands who assault members of their own family

8. What, according to a new study, is depriving orphans of aid in Botswana?

A: The theft of food and medical aid from village stores
B: The stigma of HIV and AIDS
C: The stigma of being labelled poor

9. What do G8 countries say they need to combat child pornography?

A: Help from the private sector
B: Greater powers to regulate internet providers
C: Bono

10. What percentage of all new HIV infections worldwide occured in babies who acquired the virus from their mothers, according to estimates?

A: Four per cent
B: 14 per cent
C: Nine per cent