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Weekly Quiz

Keeping up to speed on child rights issues? Have you been reading your CRINMAILs? Find out how clever you really are with this week's quiz!

1. In which country has a law been passed effectively banning parents from smacking their children?

A: New Zealand
B: United Arab Emirates
C: Canada

2. What have more than half UK children had?

A: An unwanted internet experience
B: 'Sub-standard' health advice
C: Undetected mental health needs

3. What fraction of conflict victims in Somalia are reported to be children?

A: One quarter
B: One third
C: One half

4. What were baby formula companies, such as Nestlé, reported to be doing in Bangladesh?

A: Distributing pads of paper with pictures of baby formula to target illiterate mothers
B: Handing out free T-shirts advertising baby formula to children in schools and shops
C: Directing all profits towards promoting human rights and a clean enviroment

5. Why has a new NGO advisory council been set up?

A: To support the follow-up to the UN Study on Violence Against Children
B: To advise on the establishment of a UN Study on Child Soldiers
C: To help support the review of Special Procedures

6. What do more young girls aged 15 to 19 die from than any other cause?

A: Malnutrition and starvation
B: HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases
C: Unsafe abortions and birth complications

7. What have children been marching against in Yemen?

A: School closures
B: Inadequate laws to protect from sexual exploitation
C: Child hunger

8. Where was sexual violence against children the highest recorded crime over the last four months?

A: Darfur, Sudan
B: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
C: Freetown, Sierre Leone

9. How can the lives of persons with disabilities be improved, according to Ban Ki-moon?

A: By supporting families to best protect their rights
B: By encouraging countries to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities
C: By creating integrated health care which centres on the need of the patient

10. What are the benefits of becoming a CRIN member of the month?

A: Free chocolate for a year
B: A date with Ban Ki-moon
C: The name and profile of the winner highlighted in various sections of the website and on CRINMAIL