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Have you been following this week's developments in child rights? Can you tell your HRC and CRC from your SP and CHR? Are you on top of all the issues? Find out with this week's quiz!

1. Ninety per cent of child deaths occur in just 42 countries. How many of these are in sub-Saharan Africa?

A: 42
B: 39
C: 36

2. Which rebel army is failing to release abducted women and children, claiming they are members of their own families?

A: The Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda
B: The Union des Forces Démocratiques pour le rassemblement (UFDR) in the Central African Republic
C: The National Redemption Front in Sudan

3. What did Britain's top police officer controversially say last week?

A: Gentle smacking can teach children discipline
B: Children under 16 should not be excused jail if they come from 'stable' homes
C: Children pressured by their own families to join gangs should be placed on the child protection register

4. Why was Kenneth Freeman arrested in Hong Kong as he crossed into the territory from China last week?

A: He is accused of raping his daughter
B: He is thought to have overstayed his visa by 20 years
C: He is accused of kidnapping his friend's child

5. Which two countries came top and bottom of Save the Children USA'a eighth annual Mothers' Index, which ranks the best and worst places to be a mother and child?

A: Sweden and Niger
B: Norway and Nigeria
C: Iceland and Sierra Leone

6. Where did Deanne Asamoah - a 13-year-old girl - die from an overdose of morphine after caring for her terminally ill mother for four years?

A: Zambia
B: South Africa
C: United Kingdom

7. More than 12,500 people have signed a global petition in support of Special Procedures, presented to the Human Rights Council this week. But what are Special Procedures?

A: The process by which States complain about human rights infringements
B: Human Rights Council mechanisms which support the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
C: A system of independent human rights experts which address either specific country situations or thematic issues

8. In which country have child soldiers been demobilised?

A: Chad
B: Sudan
C: Sierra Leone

9. What is now expected to cost less than $1 per day, a 45 per cent decrease for developing countries, following an initiative launched this week?

A: 1kg of rice
B: An HIV medicine
C: An average short-haul flight on American Airlines

10. Who in 1996 wrote a seminal study on the protection and care of children affected by armed conflict, which is currently being reviewed?

A: Radhika Coomaraswamy
B: Graça Machel
C: George Michael