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Children’s Rights and the European Children’s Network

The European Children’s Network (EURONET), representing 35 children’s rights national and transnational NGOs from across Europe,  launched its new website at the end of January: Take this week's quiz to find out how much you know about children's rights in Europe.

1. Which two countries recently joined the European Union?

A: Bulgaria and Croatia
B: Croatia and Romania
C: Bulgaria and Romania

2. How many EU Member States have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC)?

A: 15
B: 25
C: 27

3. When was the first reference to children made in the EU treaties?

A: Maastricht Treaty (1992)
B: Treaty of Amsterdam (1997)
C: Treaty of Nice (2001)

4. Which instrument would have provided a legal base for children's rights had it been ratified?

A: The EU Constitutional Treaty
B: The European Convention on the Exercise of Children's Rights
C: The European Convention on Human Rights

5. The first-ever European Children’s Rights Strategy was proposed in July 2006 by the:

A: Finnish Presidency
B: European Parliament
C: European Commission

6. What is the Communication, “Towards an EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child”?

A: A European Commission document with legislative proposals on children’s rights
B: A European Commission proposal to establish a comprehensive EU Strategy to promote and safeguard children’s rights in the EU’s policies
C: A document from the Commission that sets out a communication strategy for children

7. The Communication on Children’s Rights deals with:

A: Internal issues related to children’s rights in the EU
B: External issues related to children’s rights in the EU
C: Both

8. The European Children’s Network has been promoting children’s participation by involving children in consultations on EU issues for the past:

A: 10 years
B: 3 years
C: 12 years

9. L’Europe de L’Enfance (group of high-level national civil servants responsible for children’s rights) meets how many times during each EU Presidency?

A: 1
B: 3
C: It varies, depending on the EU Presidency

10. What is the European Forum for the Rights of the Child?

A: A forum composed of European Commission, Parliament, and Council members contributing to the design and monitoring of EU actions related to children’s rights.
B: A forum composed of child rights NGOs to be used for the exchange good practice.
C: Stakeholder Forum including Member States, UN Agencies, the Council of Europe, civil society and children, contributing to the design and monitoring of EU actions.