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This resource is to aid social work and child care practitioners and policy makers around the world in planning and providing better care for children—including family strengthening and out of home placement. Divided in five categories, the Toolkit contains a selection of practical guides and manuals to support a quality care system and the delivery of alternative care.

Developing an Informed National Care Strategy

Contains a selection of guides and manuals to support developing a comprehensive child care and protection system. Includes resources on overarching care principles, monitoring and evaluation of childcare, and broad range of preventative community and family support services.

Standards and Policies for Quality Alternative Care

Presents a collection of resources to guide the development and implementation of standards and policies for support services, care planning, and placement provision. Includes resources on the delivery of alternative care services, child protection policies, child participation, and improving care placements and practices.

Individual Assessments, Care Planning and Family Reunification

Provides forms and guidelines for child or family assessments, care planning, and permanency planning -- including family reunification.

Supporting Children in Care, their Families, and Alternative Caregivers

Presents tools to support the recruitment and training of caregivers, monitoring quality of care, and the needs of children in out of home care.

Protection and Care in Emergencies

Presents guidelines and resources to ensure quality child protection and care in emergencies. Includes resources on preventing separation, documenting separated and unaccompanied children, interim care, and family tracing and reunification.